The Heart of Strolee

Strolee was started by our founder, Rob Conely who envisioned something different.

Strolee's mission is to create a family brand focused on designing lightweight strollers that simplify life’s journeys. We believe in innovating mobility to enhance everyday experiences, making every outing a cherished memory.

Strolee was born from this dream, bringing together his son, daughter-in-law and their two children.

Meet our founder, Rob:

With over 40 years in the baby industry and experience as a director for the JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association), our founder Rob has a deep understanding of what goes into making strollers that are not only safe and functional but also extraordinary.

And now he's channeled this extensive knowledge into crafting a line of baby strollers unlike anything you've ever seen.

Tested & Approved

Strolee strollers have undergone rigorous testing and certification to meet the highest standards of safety and quality. Certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) and compliant with ASTM International's stringent certification processes, each Strolee stroller ensures peace of mind for parents.

These certifications affirm that Strolee strollers are designed with precision and care, meeting the essential criteria for safety, durability, and functionality.