Strolee Everyday Stroller

At Strolee, tool FREE assembly is a phrase that isn't taken lightly! Here are some videos walking you through the step by step assembly - Best part NO tools or long instructions required

Endless Possibilities

Your Everyday Single Stroller can adapt to your needs with our LINQ System!

The Strolee LINQ System offers unmatched versatility, allowing families to instantly link two single strollers to form a double, or combine a single with a Personal Shopper or Pet Stroller.

How to Use LINQ!

The LINQ System allows you to connect different types of strollers to suit your needs. The Baby Stroller, Cargo Cart, and Pet Cart can be used individually or combined in various configurations for maximum convenience and flexibility.


The Baby Stroller, Cargo Cart, and Pet Cart are individual units that can be used alone or combined in the following configurations:

Two Units

2 Baby Strollers

1 Baby Stroller + 1 Cargo Cart

1 Baby Stroller + 1 Pet Cart

Three Units

3 Baby Strollers

2 Baby Strollers + 1 Cargo Cart

2 Baby Strollers + 1 Pet Cart

*Two set of LINQ bars required


The Cargo Cart and Pet Cart cannot be linked together.

To use the LINQ System, you need at least one Baby Stroller, as the Baby Stroller has no rear axle, allowing it to link together with other units.

*Please note that the Pet Cart is the Cargo Cart with a Pet Bassinet

How to Connect the LINQ System