Sara's Top Stroller Pick for Two Kids at Disney!

Sara's Top Stroller Pick for Two Kids at Disney!

We were so excited to get Sara's review of our new double stroller with the revolutionary LinQ system.

Watch her video review below to find out why Strolee is her go-to travel stroller for her 2 kids! 



Video transcript ↓

"Which one of these double strollers do you think is the best one to take multiple kids to Disney World? Okay, it's neither. It's this one! This is a front to back double stroller, but it's not what you think.

This is actually two individual travel strollers. They can each work independently on their own, but they can also connect front to back to be a double.

I am easily strolling one handed with this thing.

I'm so impressed by the quality of this stroller.

Disconnecting the two strollers is super easy. You just pull this lever. There is a bar like that on each side. You just snap it off. I just did that one handed on both sides. There's a pocket right here where both bars fit down inside.

Last thing you do is unhook the button that's right here. You just pull the lever and separate the two strollers now I have two travel strollers.

This scenario is super common for us at Disney where my husband and I will split up and each one of us will have one of the girls; or we'll have a babysitter with us and the babysitter has like the sleeping baby then I have the toddler and my husband's off by himself.

So having the ability to separate, have individual travel strollers but then if I'm by myself with the two kids having a double is going to be absolutely life changing for me. Cherry on top of course is just how easily this thing folds up and becomes a 13 pound lightweight travel stroller"

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